Poom Kerdsang

Thailand, Associate

Thai and English

Attorney-at-Law, Lawyers Council of Thailand
Notarial Services Attorney, Lawyers Council of Thailand
Extraordinary Member, The Thai Bar Association

Education and Experience
2019 GVA Law Office (Thailand) Cp., Ltd.
2016 Ananda Intellectual Property Co., Ltd.
2016 Mayekawa (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2016 Bachelor of Laws, Chulalongkorn University

Poom Kerdsang joined GVA Thai in April 2018 and is responsible for handling corporate compliance and labor matters. He first worked as a Legal Officer in a Japanese Thai company in 2016 where he was involved in the preparation of legal documents, legal research, and negotiations with the competent government authorities. Prior to joining GVA Thai, he also worked as a Lawyer at an international intellectual property firm in Thailand, where his task included domestic and international patent applications and other intellectual property matters.

Since joining GVA Thai, he has provided service to clients in general corporate legal matters, including legal research and contract drafting, as well as M&A transactions and finance-related works. With his deep insight into intellectual property law and privacy law, he can provide clients with the best possible advice in these areas of law.