Legal Infrastructure for all Challenges around the world

From its first office in Tokyo, GVA has since expanded and established itself as a reputable legal firm by advising and equipping various established and emerging businesses alike. With particular focus on assisting the expansion of fledgling IT and multinational companies, GVA has cemented its presence in the region as a highly-regarded solutions provider for start-ups.

With its understanding of each local business practices and regulations GVA continuously provides its clients with the necessary corporate tools particularly dedicated to and conscious of each clients’ varying particular business and legal requirements. GVA is able to pioneer and customize business models to assist various types of business at varying stages – from organization, operation, and eventual expansion.

Tackling Challenges with You Globally

GVA is a multinational firm which provides a wide range of services including both legal and corporate consultancies. As an international firm, GVA has established a network of legal practitioners and other professionals in other jurisdictions such as in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

GVA commits to meet the constantly changing demands of both local and international businesses with its expanding global team of highly-trained and experienced professionals as it aims to take on the challenges of doing business worldwide.

The first office of GVA was established in Tokyo. At GVA Tokyo Office, our Global Team is led by Mr. Kazunari Toda. Mr. Toda is an experienced consultant dealing with legal and corporate affairs in Asia, the United States, the European Union, Africa, Russia, and the other member states of the CIS region.

To further cement its presence in the Southeast Asia region, GVA opened GVA Law Office (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Bangkok in 2017 through the leadership of Mr. Daisuke Fujie. In 2019, headed by Mr. Chikashi Kaneko, GVA TNY Consulting Philippines, Inc. was established.

Guided by a common principle, GVA acts as one global team with its integrated network of legal and consulting firms to provide services to its clients worldwide.

Dedicated Corporate Solutions

GVA has been providing a wide range of legal services to over 1,000 clients worldwide from various business fields and interests. As a result, GVA has a team of professionals with expertise and experience on a broad range of legal issues – from contract review and preparation, due diligence, negotiation, legal and market research, and dispute settlement.

With the increasing technological advancement and globalization that has drastically changed the business environment, it has become a necessity for businesses to respond with a corporate framework involving legal strategy and corporate risk management. In this particular aspect, members of the GVA Global Team have expertise in providing solutions for and handling issues involving cutting-edge businesses such as IoT, AI, FinTech, HealthTech, drone, virtual currencies, blockchains, and big data.

GVA assists clients with its ability to identify and analyze risks, both legal and corporate, to provide customized and innovative solutions, and to support clients in making effective and appropriate managerial decisions to further expand their businesses.