Services List

GVA assists clients in every aspect of the business, including contracts, employee issues, applications, as well as the creation of new businesses.

We also provide legal supports for the construction of a system that looks ahead to the exit of M&A, etc., and for the swift and smooth operation of business.

Service 01

Business Transactions

  • ・Trademark Ownership Search
  • ・Trademark Registration
  • ・Resolutions for Trademark Rejection
Service 02

Labor Management

  • ・Draft or Revise Employment Agreement, Offer Letter
  • ・Draft or Revise Employment Regulations
  • ・Application for Visa and Work Permit
  • ・Internal Legal Seminar
  • ・Labor Disputes
Service 03


  • ・Investment Regulation Research
  • ・Draft or Review Investment Agreement
  • ・Draft or Review Shareholders Agreement
  • ・Draft or Review Loan Agreement
Service 04

Support for Business Expansion

  • ・Establishment of a Scheme for Business Expansion
  • ・Draft or Review Joint Venture Agreement
  • ・Registration of Incorporation
  • ・Registration and Administrative Procedures
Service 05

Corporate Governance

  • ・Shareholder’s General Meeting support
  • ・Board of Directors support
  • ・Applications for Registrations Needed by Laws
  • ・Business License Applications
Service 06


  • ・Due Diligence
  • ・Draft or Review Share Transfer Agreement
  • ・Draft or Review Business Transfer Agreement
Service 07

Intellectual Property

  • ・Trademark Ownership Search
  • ・Trademark Registration
  • ・Resolutions for Trademark Rejection

Target of Support

Support 01

IT Business Support

Support 02

New Businesses Creation Support

Support 03

Small and Medium Enterprises Support